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"Electronic Fingerprinting | Background Check & More"

Welcome to Global Fingerprinting Ltd

Welcome to Global Fingerprinting Ltd. We are an accredited Fingerprinting Company located in Northeast Calgary. We use Canadian Real Time Identification Services for processing your application for Police Clearances. We provide the following fingerprinting services:

  • Immigration / Citizenship
  • Background Checks (CPIC)
  • Employment (private industry& Federal Industry)
  • Record Suspensions (pardons) and U.S Entry Waivers
  • FBI Police Clearance
  • Foreign Police Clearance
  • International Adoption
  • Security Guard Renewal Licence
  • Medical Marijuana licensed producers
  • Licensing (Real Estate)
  • Visa / Foreign Travel
  • Ink & Roll Fingerprinting
  • Name Change

  • You will need to bring with you two forms of valid government issued ID, one with your picture on it. Some examples of Identifications are as follows:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Passport
  • Firearms Licence
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Nexus Card
  • Alberta Health Care
  • Work Permits
  • Birth Certificate
  • About Calgary Finger Printing Services

    Calgary Finger Printing

    Global Fingerprinting is Calgary's premier fingerprinting company conveniently located at Westwinds C Train station in Northeast Calgary. We are dedicated to providing professional fingerprinting services for a variety of purposes, including immigration, citizenship, permanent residency applications, background checks, and more. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure accurate and reliable fingerprinting results that meet the requirements of various government agencies and organizations. Trust Global Fingerprinting for all your fingerprinting needs in Calgary, and experience the difference of working with the best.

    Our Services

    Electronic Fingerprinting

    Electronic Fingerprinting is required in order for you to obtain a Police Clearance from the RCMP. This is the most efficient and fast way to get your criminal record results from the RCMP. The results are usually processed within three days and sent through regular Canada Post mail. You should receive your Police Clearance anywhere from 10 – 12 calendar days. If however, you have any convictions showing on your record than it may take 120 days for you to receive your results.

    Background Check

    We provide criminal background checks also known as a CPIC.
    There are two ways in Canada to get a Police Clearance, one is by a background check also known as a CPIC, and the other is by fingerprints. The background check is done by using your biographical information such as your name, date of birth. This check usually takes about 48 hours to complete.

    Immigration & Citizenship

    Canadian Immigration may ask you to provide a Police Clearance from countries where you have lived for more than six months for the past ten years. If you need the Police Clearance from Canada then your fingerprints will be submitted electronically to the RCMP, however, if you require a Police Clearance from a foreign country then we use the Ink and Roll method. For Canadian Citizenship you will need to bring in your letter from Citizenship asking for you to get your fingerprints done.


    As part of the Security Screening process most companies now require a Police Clearance from their employees. The company may decide whether they want the check done by fingerprints or by just a background check using your biographical information. The results of your check may be sent back to you or your employer as long as you provide a letter stating where the results need to go.

    Ink & Roll Fingerprinting

    We also provide Ink & Roll Fingerprinting services.
    Ink & Roll fingerprinting is a traditional fingerprint method which is required for foreign police checks, including an FBI check. Ink and Roll fingerprints can be sent outside of Canada in order to obtain a police clearance from a foreign country such as: USA, Mexico, UAE, Singapore, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Qatar, Dubai, etc.

    FBI Police Clearance

    In order for you to get a Police Clearance from the FBI, your fingerprints will be taken on an FD-258 Card which we provide as part of our service. You would also have to complete the online application in order for you to receive your results faster. Please give us a call for further inquery at (403) 475-0404 or email us at at

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